Public Fabrics is a purpose-driven platform republishing local crafts(wo)manship with design & storytelling to empower the makers and connect their potential with contemporary audience. Partnering with Folkcharm crafts, a 100% ethical apparel brand working with natural cotton farmers and artisan communities in Loei province, we realise the installation as an amplifier for craftswomens’ voices, telling the ancient process of handspun and handwoven cotton to envision a lifestyle that values time, nature, and making a place for traditional wisdom in contemporary living.

#PublicFabrics #BangkokDesignWeek2018 #BKKDW2018 #FolkCharmJourney

Exhibition & Spatial Design by Anya Muangkote
Chair Design by Anya Muangkote
Sound Editing by Anya Muangkote
Textile & Garment Design by Kamonnart Ongwandee
Written by Kamonnart Ongwandee

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