Exhibited at Machines Room 14th-22nd September
BioGoods is a collection of environmentally responsible products. The biomaterial is composed of 100% biodegradable organic matters, completely harmless for the environment. The ingredients were obtained from red algae and other plant sources which are both globally abundant and renewable.

This project looks at how biomaterial works in a makerspace context in which it proposes small-scale fabrication techniques where the processes omit toxic, unsustainable materials and adhesives. Creating products with new materials and techniques challenges conventional production models and their technological infrastructure.
‘Designing for Circularity’ — transforming conventional materials into products requires sewing and it is difficult to separate any adhesive or other additional materials when discarded. Whereas this biomaterial can be pressed by heated surfaces to join the sheets together with no additional matters required, meaning this process meets the main criteria for a circular economy principles, as opposed to traditional materials. Apart from being compostable, the  biomaterial is also recyclable; by simply melting it into a new sheet —  this supports a closed-loop product life cycle system.

“You can make and remake me over and over again!”

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