The 75 acres site is located in Bangkok, Klong Toey area. Inspired by fluctuation of tidal currents, it is designed to create dynamic spaces and flexible spaces according to the constant change of water levels, resulting in the changing of activities and circulations. The idea of ‘Living in Aquascape’ is that instead of setting land and water apart by designing barriers only to prevent flooding, letting water from the river flows through all over the site is actually interact people with the river. Flooding prevention, however, is designed by raising the surface up  to 4-5 metres; preparing to deal with future increase in tidal currents in the next 5, 10  and 50 years. Half of the soil in the site is excavated and transfer to another half of the site in order to increase the elevation by 5 metres and to flexibly accommodate seasonal fluctuations of water flow (The number of cut & fill balance was equally calculated). Moreover, to manage runoff volume and velocity; using stromwater collection and retention system integrated with pathway and circulation design, the system also remediates river water and collects annual rainfall for sustainable usage. However, demolishing existing concrete surfaces caused tons of wasted product, by recycling crushed aggregates and transform them to the rubble walls can deal with this problem very well. Further more, rubble walls can prevent soil erosion and filter polluted water.

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