Knowtrition is a smart diet system that supports users in maintaining a well-balanced diet to prevent potential chronic diseases. It consists of a scanner in the form of a transformable biodegradable bioplastic bag; a skin patch that monitors nutrition data in the body and displays real-time information about food; and an app that calculates the nutritional needs of the user based on food purchasing history and health data.

For the future development of the bioplastic bag, the velcro will be replaced with sustainable alternatives.
A project by
Anya Muangkote (Design Products), Yi-Fan Hsieh (Innovation Design Engineering), Agata Juszkiewicz (Service Design), ZhiYi Zhang (Textiles)

Knowtri-bag prototype by Anya, Yi-fan, Zhiyi
Knowtri-patch prototype by Yi-fan, Anya
Bioplastic material by Anya Muangkote
Logo and diagram by Agata Juszkiewicz
Interfaces by Yi-fan Hsieh
Photos by Anya Muangkote
Video direction/script by Anya Muangkote
Video edit by Anya Muangkote
Voice over by Anya Muangkote

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