Knowtrition is a smart diet system that supports users in maintaining a well-balanced diet to prevent potential chronic diseases. It consists of a scanner in the form of transformable biodegradable bioplastic bag; a skin patch that monitors nutrition data in the body and displays real-time information about food; and an app that calculates the nutritional needs of the user based on food purchasing history and health data.

For the future development of a bioplastic bag, I will replace velcro with sustainable alternatives.
A project by
Anya Muangkote (Design Products), Yi-Fan Hsieh (Innovation Design Engineering), Agata Juszkiewicz (Service Design), ZhiYi Zhang (Textiles)

Knowtri-bag prototype by Anya, Yi-fan, Zhiyi
Knowtri-patch prototype by Yi-fan, Anya
Bioplastic material by Anya Muangkote
Logo and diagram by Agata Juszkiewicz
Interfaces by Yi-fan Hsieh
Photos by Anya Muangkote
Video direction/script by Anya Muangkote
Video edit by Anya Muangkote
Voice over by Anya Muangkote

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