With an increasing desire for mindfulness in daily life, FLOAT aims to investigate the importance of craft and calm in the pursuit of digital wellbeing by bringing elements of nature into everyday urban life. Inspired by the philosophy of water that is fluid, flexible and humble - and 'the falling water' pattern of traditional weaving arts by Tai Lue community, FLOAT interprets these wisdoms through simplistic forms, harmonious colours and contemporary materials that balance between the old and the new. The final outcome is the furniture set consists of a fabric screen partition, a lamp, and seating set for a serene corner in habitual, hospitality, or working environments. 

In terms of design, FLOAT answers Mass XClusivity concepts by thoughtful production model: man&machine fabrication and modular system. This enables the design to be portable, easy to disassemble, and recycle for end of life. The fabric parts are natural interfaces for human interaction, which mixes the industrial and handmade techniques that advance the speed and diverse possibilities of patterns to meet the time limits and cater to the changing needs of modern luxury consumers. 

The idea behind FLOAT is to look at crafts with different eyes, from meer 'product' point of view to an experiential one. Utilising immaterials like light and shadow that subtly reflects onto materials, FLOAT simply create a personal sanctuary and a source of wonder that enhances user's emotional connections and sensory experiences once they are into it. All of this make FLOAT the innovative crafts that are functional, thoughtful, and nurturing for our highly-stressed society. 

Concept by Kamonnart Ongwandee / Anya Muangkote
Written by Kamonnart Ongwandee
Products designed by Anya Muangkote
Textiles designed by Kamonnart Ongwandee
Rendered / Graphic designed by Anya Muangkote
Motion designed by Pipe Amatayakul

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